You can be The Lion King, but since I have this new bag, I can call myself The Leopard Queen,
don't ya think?! ;) I know for sure you want be a Leopard Queen as well... So let me help you
with this one.

Let's get wild and let's go shopping!



Oh Stockholm, I miss you as much as I miss McDonalds (haven't been to both in ages though)
Okay, I miss you a little more Stockholm... And because I finally had a date with my girly Nanda 
(photo 4) again last week - yay! - we brought up a lot of memories about our Stockholm trip for 
Nelly.com in May last year. What a night, what a night, huh?! ;)

After seeing all these pictures, again, I have the urge to book a one way ticket to Stockholm and 
never come back again. I just fell in love with that city. And that in 48 hours!

Have you ever been to Stockholm? Or do you live there maybe?



A few weeks ago I told you about my pet Coco. Of course Coco is not my real pet. He's as dead as he
can be and just home decoration ;) But this bull isn't the only animal that "lives" at my home...

Normally you see prepared animals (a.k.a. taxidermy) only at museums. But at the moment it's the
biggest trend to have it at your own home. I have this beautiful framed butterfly. Linsey also has them
at home, tons of them actually ;) It's such a lovely decoration.

About 6 months ago Linsey and I we're dating at the Albert Cuyp market. There was an old man
selling these precious butterflies, scorpions and many more prepared animals from all over the world.
And no, it's not sad or bad to give these butterflies a place in your home, let that be clear! They die on
their own natural way whenever the hell they want to. Before people prepare them for selling.

We loved the butterflies and the old man's story so much, that we both decided to get these little
fella's a nice spot in our own home. Plus a scary scorpion for my boyfriend's birthday! ;)

For years and years I had these discussions with my Mister Lover Lover... Because he is dying to
adopt a cute little cat or a dog he can cuddle with. But I'm too paranoid it will destroy my home...

So now we only have dead bulls, butterflies and a scorpion. And I'm completely happy with that!
Although we can't cuddle them, I love them to death ;)



...Violets are green. Penis. Well, that must be the best poem I've ever written! Kidding, of course.
Talking about poems, I'd better leave that up to Stephanie next time ;) She's da best! in writing poetry.

Also talking about roses, I bumped in to this beyond beautiful garden with my favorite flowers; roses.
And that in the middle of Amsterdam's Vondelpark while going for a walk with le dad and my wild 
lady Chloe ;) In these shoes? Have you lost your mind? ;) Hell to the no.

What are your favorite flowers?