Lets talk about your home! Shall I start? Okay... We all want to have a big, cosy house, right?
But not all of us is capable of buying - or renting - one.

 I have a cute little - 60 square meters with an 8m2 attic - apartment in Amsterdam (de Pijp).
 I always say De Pijp is a bit like Le Marais. Where do you live?!

I am (absolutely) not an interior expert. But I am an amazing internet spy though! 
So thank the lord for Pinterest!

And what I was searching for is: 'how to make your home look bigger'. I found loads of tips and I thought,
why not sharing with you?! I will show my home when I used my own found tips ;)

Read my tips here in this post and follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration...



And here, my lovely people, I reveal the outfit underneath my - new favorite - coat.
Some of you asked if it was a dress, or even a chicken suit, haha! ;)

But this is it! Comfiness all over the place. That's exactly what you need when you're shooting 
on top of the roof right above the office. And after shooting, back to the computer again and do 
some more work.

What do you do for work? I'm a freelance graphic designer and art director
I work at Holland's biggest newspaper De Telegraaf, Holland's biggest 
fashion website ILoveFashionNews.com and - of course - le blog de POSE ;)



Oh hello there Set coat! But guess what's underneath this warm wool thingy…
What do you think?!

Find it out this afternoon when you come back and check the whole outfit. #sneakpeek ;)