Well I'm not vintage (yet), of course. And neither is my shirt. But I must say, if you live in 
Amsterdam you just get forced to like vintage. And that's not a bad thing at all.

Vintage is a vibe. A vibe that feels like home. Or recognizable from waaaaay back family pics.
You can sometimes feel a piece of clothing has been through a lot more than you have. Plus it has 
more personality than your "new" clothes.

Okay, cut the cr*p! The only vintage thing I'm wearing in this outfit is my Levi's jeans… No worries, 
I have a HUGE closet with a lot of vintage treasures so my vintage story was sincere ;)

(PS. What about this awesome location?! It's the home of one of my parents' friends)



Not much to tell… Just a lot to show you like this ah-mazing Spijkers & Spijkers suit!
Happy weekend honeys!



Besides the amazing weather and food, there's also some required shopping to do. You just cannot
go to a big city - like Barcelona - and not go shopping. 

I discovered some freaking awesome places to find your (not designer) masterpieces. Like the
store Flamingo's Gallery, WOW. Walk into that store and you walk into heaven, I swear! The concept
is one big - not giant - building with cute little stores in it and they have little treasures for any type of person.

Oh and what about & Other Stories? I heard you saying 'ahhh yeah!', because that's one of the 
stores I miss the most in Amsterdam. And FYI, I didn't bought that dress on the fourth picture… 
Please God, WHY?! D



DAY 2: Ahhh Salou! Home away from home. I went there on holiday since I was little kid 
(2 and a half years old to be exact). A lot of people won't understand the love I have for 
that city - because of some ordinary stories maybe - but I grew up there in the Summer.

It felt like I was driving into Disneyland when I arrived in Salou! All my memories came up as 
soon as I opened my car window and smelled the beachy air. I looked to the left, to the right and
memories is all I saw. And that made me incredibly happy!

People say time machines don't excist. I created my own - in my head of course - and went
 back in time. I can tell you, it was awesome!