They call thé street of Bonaire; Kaya Grandi. Which actually means "BIG street". The thing is, 
it's actually very cute and little. As a matter of fact everything's cute and little on Bonaire. 
Except for their butts though! ;)

Strolling around in the city of Bonaire, ice cream licking, cocktail sipping, skinny dipping and 
cute boys winking. And I think I just made my own song, haha!



Aaaand we're back on Bonaire! Sadly enough not in real life... But in our virtual lifes, anything is possible, 
as you can see. Not that I don't wanna go back though... But I don't think it was necessary to mention that ;)

So what is the first thing that pops up into your mind when you see this location? Oh I thought of 
Bob Marley right away! (People were actually smoking weed here right behind me at 9 in the morning.
But if you're from Amsterdam, that's actually not really shocking).

I hope you're feeling my "reggae-swag-vibe" today. Hahahaha,oh my god that sounded so wrong!
(PS. I'm kinda missing a sideboob tattoo on picture 3 and 5, don't you think?!)



When you think about "Paris By Night" you imagine yourself some kind of feeling, look and vibe by it.
To me that's: romance, sexy, drinking wine in the middle of the night, dreaming and happiness.
Besides the wine drinking, I tried to put that feeling in this one outfit. Soooo, what do you think!? ;)

Oh, these killers of heels! (Literally). When I hear Steve Madden, I have to think of my second
favorite movie right away (fyi: The Great Gatsby is my nr. 1). Can you guess which movie that is?!
Yep, The Wolf Of Wallstreet. Which one is your favorite?

And this is wear my PFW story ends. For now. Let that be clear ;) And let this journey
continue next season, please!



This title may sound crazy, but it's all here in this photo. Because, I'm in Paris, a unicorn is a pony
as well (right?!) And my Fashion Week fantasies came to life.

For example meeting people who virtual inspire you for years (read: Anna Dello Russo
 Kristina Bazan)! Being able to watch fashionshows, getting featured by big names like Vogue Italia(!),
wear your wildest outfits on the streets and feeling like a celeb because of all the streetstyle shots people
capture from your look.

Are you ready to go back to my Caribbean looks again? Me neither ;) I have still one Parisienne look to
 share with you. And I don't wanna say "save the best for last" but this might be one of my favorites... ;)